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  • 26/10/2018
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The Tokyo Career Guide 2018 Seminar Will Be Present in Bandung

At the end of 2018, PT. Pasona HR Indonesia will again hold a Tokyo Career Guide seminar. This time the city of Bandung was chosen as the venue. Located at Amaroossa Hotel Bandung on Saturday, November 3 2018 Pasona Indonesia will work with Indonesian Forval to make the event a success. Then what is the Tokyo Career Guide? The Tokyo Career Guide seminar is an annual event initiated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government to help professionals know how to work in Tokyo. Why do you have Tokyo? The fact is that almost 50% of employment opportunities in Japan are in metropolitan Tokyo. So Tokyo is still a big field of employment for job seekers both inside Japan and outside Japan. Thus the Tokyo Career Guide comes as a source of information that will be shared with seminar participants on how and strategies to start looking for work in Tokyo.

This year’s Tokyo Career Guide will be a little different because Pasona Indonesia as the organizer will work with the Indonesian Forval who is already an expert in training about preparing to work in Japan. So from that Pasona Indonesia also provided a short workshop on this matter directly with Indonesian Forval. In addition, within the last year of the seminar the Tokyo Career Guide opened up opportunities for participants who wished to bring a resume / CV that would be used as a review material if there were job opportunities in Japanese companies both in Japan themselves through Pasona Global and Japanese companies in Indonesia through Pasona Indonesia. For interested participants, the 2018 Tokyo Career Guide Seminar is free and only for 80 participants, all of you can click on the “Tokyo Career Guide” picture. See you in Bandung!

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