Feel the Grief of the Palu – Donggala Earthquake and Tsunami Victims DGS Care Distributes Aid.

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NK, Thursday October 26 2018


DGS Care for Distributing Aid for Victims of Earthquake in Palu-Donggala (Photo: Nanang Kosim / PT.Dutagriya sarana)

JAKARTA – The Board of Management and Employees of PT.Dutagriya Sarana (DGS) share the deep sorrow that struck the citizens of Palu – Donggala in the aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Central Sulawesi. There were many victims who died as a result of the disaster.

Citizens’ houses were destroyed, destroyed and lost by the tsunami. In this condition Management and Employees of PT. Dutagriya Sarana through DGS Cares moves to channel aid, slightly easing the burden of the people affected by the disaster.


The DGS Care Committee handed over the assistance of Palu-Donggala through Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Gunung Sindur Bogor, 25 October 2018 (Photo: Nanang Kosim / PT.Dutagriya facilities)

“Management and Employees of PT Dutsgariya Sarana member of Pasona Group mourn the earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Palu -Donggala and of course our hope that the victims were given strength and fortitude, through our DGS Care, take part to help the Palu-Donggala Disaster Victims” Irwan A Hasman President Direcor of PT. Dutagriya Sarana said

He hopes that the aid distributed will be able to help alleviate the burden experienced by affected people.


Committee and Management From the right of Itabashi San, R. JImmy E., Iwin DIah, Irwan A Hasman, Fitri D, Sisca N Situmorang and Dino. DGS Care before handover of Assistance (Photo: Nanang Kosim / PT.Dutagriya sarana)

The assistance distributed by DGS Cares to the victims of the disaster in Palu – Donggala was carried out on October 25, 2018 yesterday. The aid channeled through the ACT post that handled the aid for victims of the disaster in Palu-Donggala in Gunung Sindur Bogor.

The DGS Care Assistance distributed in the form of:

  1. Rice King Platinum 460 kg

2. SGM 900 gr formula milk 1-5 25 boxes

3. Ultra 200 ml liquid milk 30 boxes

4. Baby Packers 13 Pack

5. Baby Bath Equipment 20 Pack

6. Wrapper 2 Pack

7. Soap 2 Pack

8. Shampoo 40 Bottles

9. Toothbrush 5 Box

10. Dental Tooth 1 Box


President Director of PT.Dutagriya Sarana Irwan A Hasman (Photo: Nanang Kosim / PT.Dutagriya sarana)

“This assistance is a form of concern for the people who are affected by the disaster in Palu – Donggala. Through this activity we hope to reduce the burden on the people who are affected by the disaster,” he said


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