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Create your Future in Awaji Island!!!

The Awaji Youth Federation(AYF)will be established in the beautiful surroundings of Awaji Island, considered to be the mythological and spiritual origin of Japan itself.  We are seeking next generation leaders with the passion to challenge themselves to join the Awaji Youth Federation as Fellows in this unique global communityand take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Fellowship Program Objectives & Features

The AYF provides a creative platform to the next generation of young innovators and designers to come together across cultures, backgrounds and disciplines. Using their own unique skills and existing specializations, they will find new solutions to global issues through study and collaboration in the two AYF Fellowship streams of regional revitalization and entrepreneurship.

  • Fellows will participate in the AYF in-house training program, and will receive valuable on-the-job work experience to enhance their skills and capabilities through active involvement in new business projects and facilities operated by the Pasona Group on Awaji Island.
  • After program completion, Fellows will be possibly eligible for assistance fr




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AYF Training Program Overview:

  • Possible participants select a desired Fellowship Stream of either entrepreneurship or regional revitalization upon applying to the AYF program, and nominate which of the 8 specializations most closely corresponds to their current study discipline or area of achievement.
  • At the beginning of the program, each Fellow decides what their “mission” will be and how they will work both individually and collectively over the course of 12 months towards realizing that outcome
  • The multi-disciplinary creative works, ideas and co-production efforts will be presented at the end of the program as results of each Fellowship.


AYF Work Experience:

  • Fellows will also be assigned to on-the-job training in the form of professional work experience reflecting individual capabilities, specialization, and interests at a variety of commercial facilities operated by Pasona Group on Awaji Island. (Examples: This may include work relating to the international aspects of regional revitalization, tourism promotion, marketing, communications, interpreting and translation, or new business development.)

Detailed selection criteria:

  • Tertiary qualification or bachelor’s degree
  • English ability of TOEIC 700 or equivalent qualification for

non-native speakers

Academic or other achievement in one of the 8 specializations nominated under the AYF program

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Fellowship Terms and Conditions:

  • Status: Contract employee of Pasona Group Inc.
  • Period: One year from September 1st, 2017
  • Fellowship hours: 8 hours per day*, 5 days per week.  (To be organized in shift rotations)
  • Location: Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
  • Salary:250,000 yen base salary per month
  • Social safety net benefits: health insurance, worker’s compensation coverage, annual leave
  • Fellowship Fees: 156,000 yen per month (includes accommodation, utilities, morning and evening meals, tuition fees)
  • Other costs borne by participants: Return airfare to Japan, contribution to the social safety net insurance, domestic travel expenses, other living expenses as required, income tax, etc.

*Participation in the training program and residence at the accommodation provided are requisite.

*Social insurance premiums and income tax are deducted from salaries


Interested applicants who meet the selection criteria and are happy to accept the Fellowship terms and conditions should complete the AYF Application Form, and submit it along with your resume and a short essay in English (400 words) outlining why you wish to apply and your discipline of interest to Ms. Tomoe Moriya email: . Applications will close by the end of July 2017. 

Ms. Yoshie Yoshimura,  Awaji Youth Federation Secretariat.  email:

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